Titelblatt von "Lachen Links", 1924, mit dem Stempel der Redaktion des Vorwärts

Title page of "Lachen Links", 1924, with the stamp of the Vorwärts editorial office

Since 2011, 38 books from libraries of the Vorwärts could be returned to the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

The party newspaper of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, established in 1876, was banned in 1933 and its assets, including the library and archive, were confiscated.

The books found their way into the stock of the Central and Regional Library of Berlin via various channels. Soon after the books were confiscated, most of them were handed over to the newly founded Institute for Political Education at the University of Berlin in 1933, and after its dissolution in 1945 they became part of the collection of the Council Library of Berlin. In many cases, the volumes were also incorporated into the "Franz Mehring Library" which had been compiled after the end of the war at the Berlin City Library from various stock.

The restituted objects at lootedculturalassets.de