Co-operation and networking

The ZLB plays a leading role in the work of the co-operative Looted Cultural Assets provenance database.

The department’s staff have also been involved in the Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung und Restitution - Bibliotheken since 2014, and the Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V. since 2010.

Co-operation and the open exchange of data, experiences and research results are the basis of successful provenance research with the ultimate aim of restitution. Our work would not be possible without the support of archives, libraries, NGOs, research institutions and their staff, and a number of dedicated private individuals, to whom we owe great thanks. To name but a few:

Looted Cultural Assets - Cooperative Provenance Database

The cooperative provenance database Looted Cultural Assets enables you to search for recorded objects, marks of provenance, and the original / previous owners.

Looted Cultural Assets