Paul Friedeberger

Exlibris: "Dr. Paul Friedeberger - Bücherei."

In 2020, one book from the library of Dr. Paul Friedeberger could be returned.

Paul Friedeberger was born on 17 March 1891 in the city of Braunschweig. He studied law in Erlangen and moved to Berlin, where he worked as a publisher and editor. Among other things he was the owner of the Adolf Eckstein Verlag. His first marriage was to Ada Katzenstein (*23 November 1890), with whom he had a son, Klaus (*23 August 1922). The marriage ended in divorce in 1931. Paul Friedeberger married Klara Schreiber (*16 March 1905) in 1933.

In Nazi Germany, Friedeberger was persecuted as Jewish. In 1936 he was able to emigrate to Brazil and thus survived the Holocaust. He died in 1978.

His son Klaus Friedeberger was persecuted as well and was able to emigrate to England via the Netherlands in 1938/39. There he was interned in 1940 as "Enemy Alien" and was transported to Australia on the HMT Dunera, where he had to spend about two and a half years in various prison camps until he was finally released into an unarmed labor service of the Australian Army. After his demobilization in 1946, he began studying art in Sydney. He won the Mosman Art Prize with one of his paintings and used the prize money to finance his return to Britain in 1950. There he worked as an artist until his death. Klaus Friedeberger died in London on September 19, 2019.

It is unclear which route the volume took into the holdings of the Central and Regional Library. It could not be traced. The object was entered into the stock of the Council Library ("Ratsbibliothek") in 1950. The vendor is unknown.

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