In 2013 two books and a loose bookplate of Leopold Scheyer could be returned.

Leopold Scheyer was born on 16 April 1867 in Kempen. In 1902 he moved to Berlin and worked there as a pharmacist. He married Nanny Ginsberg, who was born on 26 March 1878 in Wroclaw. They had two daughters, Else and Eva. Leopold, Nanny, Else and Eva Scheyer were persecuted as Jewish.

In February 1939 Leopold and Nanny escaped to the Netherlands. Leopold Scheyer took his own life in Naarden in 1943 at the age of 76 before the impending deportation. Nanny Scheyer was deported to Sobibor extermination camp and murdered there in 1943. Else and Eva Scheyer had fled to Sweden in 1939 and thus survived the Holocaust.

The books were recorded in the access book "Dombrowski" in 1951.  This is an acquisition from 1951 of about 1,000 books which were presumably supplied to the BStB by the Berlin Magistrate. Among them are clearly looted items, mostly from private property, next to unsuspicious objects.

The bookplate was found in the ex-libris collection of the Berlin City Library. It was part of the so-called Treptow Collection (Trp, Hans Pohl), recognizable by Pohl's handwritten notes. Which book the ex-libris was taken from when could not be determined so far. Since it was taken out of the book before it was added to the library's collection, it is also unclear whether there is a matching book in the collection at all.

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