Dedication: "To our dear brother Julius Zander for his birthday in September 1924. Esther & Moritz".

In 2013, a book from the library of Julius Zander could be returned.

Julius Zander was born on 7 September 1873 in Stegers. He was married to Martha Zander née Scholem and and ran the company Julius Zander & Co. Morgenröcke in Berlin.

Julius and Martha Zander were persecuted as Jewish. They were deported to the Łódź Ghetto on 27/29 October 1941; Julius Zander died there on 5 May 1942. Martha Zander was further deported to Chełmno on 12 September 1942 and murdered that same day.

The returned book was registered as a "gift" in the stock of the Berlin City Library in June 1945. It probably was part of a 1943 purchase of ~40,000 books that had been looted from the Jews of Berlin.

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