Jacob and Käthe Kahn

"San-Rat Dr Jacob Kahn & Frau Käthe 17. Mai 25"

Since 2017, 34 books from Jacob and Käthe Kahn's library have been returned.

Jacob Kahn was born on 26 May 1870 in Clüsserath. He was a doctor and medical councilor ("Sanitätsrat") in Berlin. His wife Käthe Kahn was born on 29 September 1880 as Käthe Hirschfeld in Berlin. Jacob and Käthe Kahn had no children, they lived in Berlin at Stralauer Allee 31 and later at Mommsenstr. 22, at least until 1939.

On October 3, 1942, Jacob and Käthe Kahn were deported from Berlin to Theresienstadt and murdered there, Jacob Kahn on 18 December 1942, and Käthe Kahn on 2 May 1944.

The books are from sources that are presumably all related to the Berlin Magistrate, which means that they were added to the stock of the Berlin City Library after the end of World War II:

Supplier: "Dombrowski"
This is an acquisition from 1951 of about 1,000 books which were presumably supplied to the BStB by the Berlin Magistrate. Among them are clearly looted items, mostly from private property, next to unsuspicious objects.

Supplier: Finance Department of the Berlin City Council
The majority of these books were purchased in 1951, subsumed in the access book as "A Confiscated Library" with a total of about 1,000 titles. The supplier is once again the Magistrate, here the Finance Department. This acquisition is probably related to the vendor "Verwertungsstelle des Magistrats".

The restituted objects at lootedculturalassets.de