Familie Hilb

clipped address stamp of Claus Hilb

In 2018 two books of the Hilb family could be returned.

Robert Hilb was born on February 20, 1891 in Berlin. In 1916 he married Margarethe Wiener, who was also born in Berlin on 5. December 1891. The two had a son, Claus, born on January 10, 1923.

Dr. Robert Hilb was a lawyer, Margarethe Hilb worked as a secretary. The Hilb family was last recorded in the Berlin address book in 1936 at Kurfürstenstr. 88.

The marriage was divorced in 1937, but all three emigrated to South America in 1938/39. Robert Hilb lived in Peru until his death in 1971. Margarethe Wiener moved with her son Claus first to Uruguay. In 1941 she took her own life there. Claus Hilb changed his first name to Juan Nicolás and moved on to Argentina, where he lived until his death in 1988.

The books are part of a 1951 acquisition, subsumed in the access book as "A Confiscated Library" comprising about 1,000 titles. The supplier is the Finance Department of the Berlin Magistrate.