Familie Hartbrodt

Dedication: "Frau Hartbrodt, unter deren Dache dieses Werk zustandekam. Berlin, den 14. Juni 1934 Dr. Erich Gredinger" ("To Mrs. Hartbrodt, under whose shelter this book was written. Berlin, June 14, 1934 Dr. Erich Gredinger.")

In 2017 two books from the Hartbrodt family could be returned. At the request of the heirs, the volumes were handed over to the Foundation New Synagogue - Centrum Judaicum in Berlin.

The marks contained could clearly be allocated to the Hartbrodt family. With the book dedicated to a Frau Hartbrodt, however, it remains unclear to which particular family member it belonged. The second book was owned by Erich Lutz Hartbrodt, born on July 21, 1924 in Berlin. He escaped to Great Britain in 1939 and thus survived the Holocaust. The Hartbrodts were persecuted as Jewish.

Mrs. Hartbrodt's book was acquired by the Berlin City Library in 1943 as part of the purchase of ~40,000 books looted from the Jews of Berlin. The second book of Erich Lutz Hartbrodt was catalogued as a "gift" in 1945. It can be assumed that the book is also part of the abovementioned acquisition.