Carl Neuberg

Photo: "Carl Neuberg in the Laboratory", Archive of the Max Planck Society, Berlin-Dahlem

Since 2012, 43 books from the library of Prof. Dr. Carl Neuberg could be returned.

Carl Neuberg, born 29 July 1877 in Hanover, was a biochemist and director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. He was persecuted as Jewish. In 1939 Neuberg eventually emigrated via Amsterdam, Marseilles, Haifa, Jerusalem, Iraq, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, New Guinea, Hawaii and Los Angeles to New York, where he continued his research and lived until his death in 1956.

So far, it is not completely known how the books became part of the stock of the Berlin City Library. It is probable that the books were acquisitioned via the Bergungsstelle Nr. 15, a depot of the Reich Main Security Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt, RSHA).

At the request of the heirs, the items were handed over to the library of the Leo Baeck Institute in New York.

The restituted objects at