Albert Friedländer

Dr. Albert Friedländer, Nuremberg ca. 1930 © Jewish Museum Berlin, Donation by Melanie Bruce

In 2012 a book from Albert Friedländer's library was returned.

Dr. Albert Friedländer, born on September 15, 1869 in Opole, was a doctor of chemistry and philosophy. He was married to Gertrud Friedländer née Schüler. The couple had two children, Heinz and Jula. Gertrud Friedländer died in the early 1930s. Albert Friedländer was also owner of a chemical factory in the Genthiner Straße in Berlin Kreuzberg, which produced pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Heinz Friedländer escaped from Germany to South Africa in 1936. Attempts by Albert and Jula Friedländer to follow him failed. In 1941 Albert and Jula Friedländer were deported to Łódź with his sister-in-law Elfriede Messow. Albert died in 1942 in the Ghetto Łódź, Jula Friedländer and Elfriede Messow were deported to Chełmno and murdered there.

Albert Friedländer had to surrender some books from his library to the Reich Chamber of Publications ("Reichsschrifttumskammer") as early as 1939. The contents of his last apartment in Berlin Lichterfelde were confiscated and sold to the Berlin Municipal Pawnshop ("Städtische Pfandleihanstalt"). Books from the pawnshop were acquired by the Berlin City Library in 1943.