Walther Michaelis

Walther Michaelis' ex-libris

In 2012 two loose ex-libris of Walther Michaelis could be returned.

Walther Michaelis, born on 12 September 1880, studied law and was a councillor at the district court of Berlin-Mitte. The bibliophile Michaelis collected books since his childhood and owned a private library containing more than 10,000 volumes. He was a member of the Maximilian-Gesellschaft, director of the Soncino-Gesellschaft der Freunde des jüdischen Buches and board member of the Berliner Fontane-Abend and the Berliner Bibliophilen-Abend.

In 1942 Walther Michaelis was deported to Riga together with his wife Teresina "Resi" Michaelis née Pincus, who had been born in 1891, and his son Werner Martin Michaelis, who had been born in 1923. They were murdered.

The ex-libris was part of the ex-libris collection of the Berlin City Library, the route of access into the collection is unclear.

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