Siegfried Krebs

Siegfried Krebs, ca. 1957. Source: Brasil, Cartões de Imigração, 1900-1965, Arquivo Nacional, Rio de Janeiro via FamilySearch.

In 2018, two books from the library of Siegfried Krebs could be returned.

Siegfried Samuel Krebs was born on 15 February 1907 in Berlin. He was a student of medicine and a member of the Academic Medical Society of Berlin ("Akademisch-Medizinischer Verein Berlin"), a student association of which the insignia can be found in both books. He was persecuted as Jewish and emigrated to Argentina around 1936. There he worked as a representative of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Now known as Sigisfredo/Sigfrido Krebs, he also worked as a translator, among others for the works of Martin Buber, Theodor Herzl, Stefan Zweig and Max Brod. In the 1960s he moved to Israel, where he died in 1965.

The books were acquired by the Berlin City Library in 1943 as part of a purchase of ~40,000 books that had been looted from the Jews of Berlin.