Siegfried Guggenheimer

Covered stamp: "Dr. Siegfried Guggenheimer"

In 2013 a book from Siegfried Guggenheimer's library could be returned.

Siegfried Guggenheimer was born on November 22, 1875 in Nuremberg. He was a physicist and industrialist. Siegfried Guggenheimer was married to Marguerite Guggenheimer née Bloch. The two had two children, Susanne and Heinrich.

After Dr. Guggenheimer was forced to rename the company named after him in 1933 and to give up the management of his own business in 1937, he escaped to his family in Florence via London in 1937, where he died on December 8, 1938.

The path of the book into the stock of the Berlin City Library is unknown. Shortly after the end of World War II in 1946, the book was added to the collection as a "gift". The supplier "Kulturamt" (Cultural Office) indicated in the acquisition journal is presumably associated with the Berlin magistrate, but this supplier designation was also used for Nazi-loot that was already held in the library.