Nathan Broniatowski

Stamp: "Broniatowski"

Since 2017, nine books and one bookplate of Nathan Broniatowski were returned.

Nathan Broniatowski was a building officer and later city councilor in Berlin and lived there until at least 1934. An exact date of death could not be determined, but probably around 1935. From 1936 on his address Reichsstr. 1 listed his wife Grete in Berlin. Grete Broniatowski was born on February 6, 1888 in Berlin as Grete Blumenthal. After the death of her husband, she initially lived at Reichsstr. 1, later at Fontanestr. 17. Grete Broniatowski was deported from Berlin to Riga on November 27, 1941, where she was murdered on November 30, 1941.

One of the books was part of a purchase of about 40,000 Nazi-looted books in 1943, two were found in unprocessed stock of the Berlin City Library (Berliner Stadtbibliothek, BStB). The Heine edition was added to the stock of BStB shortly after the end of the war in 1946. The vendor namem "Kulturamt" in the according acquisition journal is probably a reference to the Berlin city council. However, this determination was frequently used for NAzi-looted books that were already stored at the library since before 1945. The bookplate was found in the Exlibris collection of the BStB.

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