Max Steinthal 1893

In 2011, a book from Max Steinthal's library could be returned.

The Berlin banker Max Steinthal (24 December 1850 - 8 December 1940) was a director and subsequently chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank between 1873 and 1935. Steinthal was a co-founder, promoter and chairman of the supervisory board of the Berlin elevated and subway railroad.

Max Steinthal, his wife Fanny Steinthal née Lindenthal (13 January 1866 - 5 October 1941) and their children were persecuted as Jewish, robbed of their possessions or forced to sell them. Most of Steinthal's children were able to escape Germany; Max and Fanny Steinthal remained in Berlin until their death.

The book that was returned was accessioned in the Berlin City Library (Berliner Stadtbibliothek, BStB) in 1951 in the "Dombrowski" acquisition journal. This was an acquisition of about 1000 volumes, which were probably bought from the Berlin magistrate. Within this purchase, Nazi-loot, mostly from private libraries, is mixed with books of different provenance that evidently were not looted.

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