Max Hirsch

Stamp "Dr. Max Hirsch - Arzt - Bad Salzschlirf"

In 2012 a book from the library of Dr. Max Hirsch could be returned.

Max Hirsch, born on April 28, 1875 in Kalinow, was a spa physician in Bad Salzschlirf / Hesse and from 1914 a troop physician in World War I. After the end of the war he was Secretary General of the Balneological and Rheumatological Society in Berlin. He was married to Emma Hirsch, née Weissbein, and they had two sons, Rudi and Otto. The Hirsch family, persecuted as Jewish, escaped from Germany in 1933, first to Switzerland and later to Moscow and Leningrad. Only Otto survived the Holocaust. Max, Emma and Rudi Hirsch were probably murdered in Riga in 1941.

The book was listed in the acquisition journal "Dombrowski" in 1951. This is an acquisition of about 1,000 books which were presumably given to the Berlin City Library by the Berlin Magistrate. Among them is evident Nazi-loot, mostly from private property, next to unsuspect objects.

The ZLB would like to thank Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Keitel for his support in returning this book.

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