Stamp: "Dr. Wollsteiner Arzt Berlin Schönhauser Allee 107"

In 2022, one book from the library of Martin Wollsteiner could be returned.

The occupation and address on the stamp that is preserved inside the book clearly identifies Dr. Martin Wollsteiner as the previous owner of the book.

Martin Wollsteiner was born in Hoyerswerda on 28 February 1877 as the youngest of five sons of Salomon Wollsteiner and Lina Wollsteiner née Jablonsky. His brothers were Arthur (*1870), Max (*1871), Ludwig (*1873) and Julius (*1875).

Martin Wollsteiner studied medicine in Berlin and received his license to practice in 1900. He worked as a general practitioner in Berlin from at least 1904.

Dr. Martin Wollsteiner was persecuted as Jewish in Germany. In 1938 his license to practice medicine was revoked. Via the collection camp at Große Hamburger Str. 26 in Berlin, he was deported to the Theresienstadt Ghetto on the second major deportation of elderly people on 14 September 1942 and murdered there on 21 January 1943. Martin Wollsteiner was single and had no children.   

Max Wollsteiner was an authorized signatory at the private bank of Wilhelm Kuczynski in Berlin. He was a committed Zionist and had already been subjected to anti-Semitic terror before the transfer of power in 1933. He died in Prague in 1939 shortly before his planned emigration to Palestine. Max Wollsteiner's wife Hedwig née Richter had died in Karlsbad earlier, in 1936. Their two children Hanns Salomon Wollsteiner (later Hanns Wolters) and Ruth Wollsteiner (later married Adler) managed to escape from Germany and both survived the Holocaust.

Julius Wollsteiner was deported to the Litzmannstadt Ghetto in 1941, as was his wife Berta née Rothschild. He was murdered there on 23 January 1942, Berta Wollsteiner was deported further to Kulmhof concentration camp in 1942 and murdered there. As far as is known, the couple was childless.

Ludwig Wollsteiner was deported to Theresienstadt as early as 4 August 1942 and murdered there on 18 November 1942. As far as is known, he was single and had no children.

The oldest brother Arthur Wollsteiner was also deported to Theresienstadt with his wife Selma, née Monschke, on 5 August 1942. Selma Wollsteiner was murdered there on 4 February 1943. Arthur Wollsteiner survived the camp and subsequently returned to Berlin. He died here on 7 July 1949. Arthur and Berta Wollsteiner had no children.

The access route of the volume into the holdings of the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek is unclear and could not be traced. The object was incorporated as a "gift" after the end of the war in 1945/46. The supplier's name is "Kulturamt", which was used inflationarily in the post-war period.