Ludwig Hirsch

Dr. med. Ludwig Hirsch's exlibris

In 2016 an exlibris of Dr. med. Ludwig Hirsch could be returned.

Ludwig Sigismund Hirsch was born on January 18, 1870 in Gdansk. He was an ophthalmologist in Berlin and married Luise Pauline, née Raschkow, born on July 23, 1878 in Berlin, in 1902. Ludwig Hirsch took his own life on August 22, 1932 on Rügen. Luise Pauline Hirsch died in 1941 in the Jewish Hospital Berlin.

Their children Edith Lina and Werner Ludwig were deported from Berlin to Riga and murdered in 1942, Werner in Riga in 1942, Edith Lina in Stutthof in 1944.

The ex-libris was part of the ex-libris collection of the Berlin City Library, the route of access into the collection is unclear.

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