Stamp of Ludwig Arons drugstore

In 2013, three books from the library of Ludwig Aron were returned.

Ludwig Aron was born on January 29th, 1890 in Berlin. He was a pharmacist, a medical officer in World War I and until at least 1936 proprietor of the Eden-Drogerie (drugstore) at Kaiseralle 194 in Berlin. Ludwig Aron was married to with Erna Aron née Friedmann, they had a son, Gerhart Aron.

The Arons were persecuted in Germany as Jewish. In 1938/39, Ludwig and Erna Aron escaped to Shanghai and emigrated from there to the United States in 1947. Gerhart Aron had already escaped Germany via the Netherlands to the USA in 1938.

All three Nazi-looted books were recorded in 1951 in the Berlin City Library's accession journal "Dombrowski". This acquisition of about 1,000 volumes was probably bought from the City Council of Berlin. The acquisition contains Nazi-loot, mostly from private property, as well as books that clearly were not looted.