Exlibris von Louis Ferdinand Ullstein

In 2018, a book from the library of Louis Ferdinand Ullstein could be returned.

Louis Ferdinand Ullstein was born in Berlin on 11 November 1863. He was a merchant by profession. After the death of his father and publishing house founder Leopold Ullstein in 1899, he took over the Ullstein publishing house and, together with his four brothers and half-brothers, built it up into an economically successful media group. He was married to Else Landsberger. They lived at Höhmannstrasse 10 in Berlin-Grunewald.

Even before 1933, the publishing house had been infiltrated by Nazi sympathizers. Immediately after the Nazis came to power, the Ullstein family was subjected to harassment, and the publishing house was aryanized in 1934. Louis Ferdinand Ullstein died in Berlin on March 19, 1933.

The book was acquired by the Berlin City Library in 1945 from the antiquarian bookshop Wolf Müller in Berlin Friedenau.

At the request of the heirs, the volume was handed over to the Axel Springer SE company archive.

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