Lodge "Zur Biederen Vereinigung" Glogau

The restituted "General Map of the Masonic Lodges" from 1841

In 2019 a book and a map from the library of the lodge "Zur Biederen Vereinigung" in Glogau were returned to the mother lodge "Zu den drei Weltkugeln".

The Masonic Lodge "Zur Biederen Vereinigung" was founded in 1803 in Glogau (Silesia). Details about the time of the liquidation of the lodge could not be determined. Freemasonry was prohibited in Germany from 1935. The lodge "Zur Biederen Vereinigung" was not re-established after 1945.

The path of the objects into the stock of the Berlin City Library is unknown. They were added to the collection in 1958, and only "book storage" or "reserves" are noted in the acquisition journal as suppliers.