Lodge "Apollo"Leipzig

Stamp of the lodge "Apollo"

Since 2019 six books from the library of the Loge Apollo could be returned.

The lodge Apollo was founded in 1799 in Leipzig. First it changed its name several times: The lodge was established in 1799 as the " Zur grünenden Eiche ", renamed " Apollo zu den drei Akazien " in 1801, and finally registered as "Apollo" in 1805. The lodge dissolved itself in 1933.

The books originate from a depot of the Reich Main Security Office ( Reichssicherheitshauptamt - RSHA) at Eisenacher Str. 11-13 in Berlin Schöneberg. The RSHA had collected looted books from all over Europe there. Parts of these books were distributed to libraries in Berlin by the Bergungsstelle after the end of the war in 1945. How and when the two books found their way into the RSHA's "enemy's library" could not be determined.