Kurt S. Szafranski with his wife Mania and daughter Tina (photo from family collection)

Since 2014, a book and a loose ex-libris from the library of Kurt S. Szafranski could be returned.

Kurt S. Szafranski, born in 1890, lived and worked in Berlin until 1935. He was a book illustrator and managing editor of the newspaper Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung.

Under the pressure of Nazi persecution, Szafranski emigrated to the United States in 1934, where he became one of the co-founders of LIFE Magazine and lived until his death in 1964.

The ex-libris was part of the ex-libris collection of the Berlin City Library, the route of access into the collection is unclear. The book was purchased by the Berlin City Library in 1934 from the Berlin bookstore Georg Ecke.

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