Konsulát Československé Republiky Krakove (Consulate in Kraków)

Stempel: "Konsulat Ceskoslovenské Republiky Krakove"

Stamp: "Konsulat Ceskoslovenské Republiky Krakove"

In 2013 a book from the consulate of the Czechoslovak Republic in Kraków was returned to the Czech Republic.

In this case we are not dealing with Nazi loot, but plunder. Restitution was carried out via the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany ("Auswärtiges Amt").

The book was obtained by the Berlin City Library after the end of the war via the Salvaging Office ("Bergungsstelle"), recovery mission No. 61 - Library of the Foreign Office. The book had been plundered from the consulate in Kraków during the occupation of Poland and taken to Berlin. It was then brought into the library of the Foreign Office.

Support in researching and returning the book was provided to the ZLB by the Centrum pro dokumentaci majetkových převodů kulturních statků obětí II. světové války, o.p.s.