Dedication: "To our dear nephew Iwan Schragenheim, Verden to his Barmizwah on 10 March 1906 from uncle Elias and aunt Clärchen Schragenheim, Hamburg."

In 2015 a book from the library of Iwan Schragenheim could be returned.

Iwan Schragenheim was born on 26 February 1893 in Verden. He was married to Amalie Rund in 1919 and worked as a merchant in Berlin. Schragenheim was persecuted as a Jewish. He was able to escape from Germany in time, later returned and died in Hannover in 1976.

The path of the book into the stock of the Berlin City Library is unknown. It was accessioned shortly after the end of the war in 1945. As vendor only "book storage" (Bücherlager) is noted in the acquisition journal.