Dedication "To Dr. Herrm. Raschkow with the best wishes from the editor [Alb] Pohl. 20/12 03"

In 2015 a book from the library of Dr. Hermann Raschkow could be returned.

Hermann Raschkow was born on 17 February 1874 in Berlin. He was a neurologist and was living in Berlin-Schöneberg at Hauptstraße 37. Dr. Hermann Raschkow was persecuted as Jewish and in 1939 he was forced to escape to Rio de Janeiro, where he lived until his death in 1953.

The book that was returned was accessioned in the Berlin City Library (Berliner Stadtbibliothek, BStB) in 1951 in the "Dombrowski" acquisition journal. This was an acquisition of about 1000 volumes, which were probably bought from the Berlin magistrate. Within this purchase, Nazi-loot mostly, from private libraries, is mixed with books of different provenance that evidently were not looted.