Fritz Ginsberg

Dedication: "Meinem lieben Bruder Fritz zum Geburtstag April 1920 Karl Ginsberg" ("To my dear brother Fritz for his birthday April 1920 Karl Ginsberg")

In 2016 a book from the library of Fritz Ginsberg could be returned.

Through a dedication Fritz Ginsberg, born on February 4, 1877 in Breslau, could clearly be identified as the previous owner. Fritz Ginsberg was a merchant in Berlin, the following entry can be found in the Berlin address book of 1921:

Ginsberg, Salomon, Charles and Fritz, Merchants, NW 23, Siegmunds Hof 10 III s.[ee] I.&S. Ginsberg (gemstone treatment & diamond cutting)

Salomon Ginsberg (1848-1937) was the father of Karl and Fritz Ginsberg.

Fritz Ginsberg had dual residences in Berlin and Amsterdam from at least 1928 until May 1933, in Berlin and Paris from 1933 until 1937. In 1937 he emigrated exclusively to Paris and from there to Havana in 1942. Fritz Ginsberg was persecuted as Jewish. By 1947 at the latest, he had emigrated from Havana to New York, where he lived until his death.

The access route of the book to the holdings of the ZLB is unknown. The book was found in the Berlin City Library's unprocessed stock and temporarily had been part of the Council Library ("Ratsbibliothek"), where it had been accessioned in 1945.

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