Flora Milchner

"Flora Oppenheimer. Bayreutherstr. 41."

In 2018, a book from the library of Flora Milchner was returned.

Flora Käthe Oppenheimer was born on November 21st, 1888 in Berlin. On April 9th, 1910, she married Richard Joseph Milchner in Berlin - at that time she still lived at Bayreutherstr. 41, later at Walter-Fischer-Str. 5. Her husband Richard passed away as early as 1923. Flora Milchner was persecuted in Germany as Jewish. On October 18th, 1941 Flora Milchner was deported to the Ghetto Litzmannstadt (Lodz). She was murdered on May 8th, 1942 in Kulmhof (Chelmno).

It is not known when and how the book was entered into the stock of the Central and Regional Library of Berlin. The object was found in unprocessed stock of the Berlin City Library.