Ernst and Elise Lipmann

Exlibris: Ernst and Elise Lipmann

Ernst and Elise Lipmann, ca. 1947

In 2019 an ex-libris of Ernst Lipmann and Elise Lipmann nee Wendriner could be returned.

Ernst Lipmann was born on 23 August 1871 in Berlin, Elise Wendriner on 23 February 1881 in Beuth. The two married in 1906 in Görlitz and had two children. Ernst Lipmann was born on 14 July 1907, Anne Lipmann on 14 June 1909, both in Berlin.

Persecuted as Jewish in Berlin, the family escaped to the United States. Elise Lipmann died on 2 July 1958 in San Francisco, her husband Ernst followed her four years later on 27 November 1962. Anne Lipmann (now Lipman) died on 13 September 1979, also in San Francisco. Ernst Lipmann (now Ernest Lipman) died on April 22, 1996 in Racine, Wisconsin.

The ex-libris was part of the ex-libris collection of the Berlin City Library, the route of access into the collection is unclear.

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