Else Solms (photo: private)

In 2018 two books and one loose bookplate from the library of Else Solms could be returned.

Else Solms, née Rosenthal, was born on 28 August 1891 in Lauban/Silesia. In 1911 she married the merchant Martin Solms in Stettin. Their only child, Werner, came from this marriage. He later emigrated to Italy. Else Solms and her husband Martin were deported to Łódź on 27/29. October 1941 and murdered in the extermination camp Chełmno on 4 May 1942. Their last known address was Berlin Wilmersdorf, Pommersche Straße 12 a.

The two books are listed in the acquisition journal ''Geschenk 1946'' ('Gifts 1946'). The book storage and the Cultural Office are listed as suppliers. It can be assumed that after the end of the war, a large part of the books from the last homes of deported Jews, which had been acquired by the City's pawnshop in 1943 and which had not been processed until then, were incorporated into the "Gift" acquisition journals from at least 1945-1950 under the vendor entries "book storage" or "Kulturamt".

The ex-libris comes from the ex-libris collection of the Berlin City Library; the route of access to the stock is unclear.