Edith and Jakob Perlmutter

Jakob Perlmutter's signature

In 2012, two books belonging to Edith and Jakob Perlmutter were returned.

Edith Perlmutter, born on 29 August 1924, and her brother Jakob, born on 8 January 1921, grew up with her sister Minna/Mira in the Friedenstrasse in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Jacob went to the Knabenschule (boys' school), Edith to the Mädchen-Mittelschule (girls' school) of the Jewish Community, which was merged in 1931 with the boys' school. Their parents were Leo Abraham Leibl and Chana Sara Perlmutter née Gottesmann. Leo was a merchant.

Edith and Minna/Mira were able to escape from Germany to Palestine. Jakob was deported together with his parents to the Łódź Ghetto on 24 October 1941, and to Chełmno extermination camp on 13 May 1942, where all three were murdered the same day.

The access route of the volume by Jakob Perlmutter into the stock of the Central and Regional Library is unclear and could not be reconstructed. The object was found in unprocessed stock of the Berlin City Library. The way of the book of Edith Perlmutter into the stock is also unknown. It was added to the stacks shortly after the end of WWII in 1946. The supplier named in the access book as "Cultural Office" is probably connected to the Berlin City Council, but this supplier was also used for Nazi-loot that had already been stored in the library for several years.