Dorothea and Paul Bernhardt

Stamp: "Nervenarzt. Beeidet. Sachverst. f. da[s] Kammergericht und die Landgerichts-Bezirke Berlin I, II, III Berlin W. 62, Lützow-Platz 21 Telefon B5 Barbarossa 3876" underneath a second stamp: "Dr. Paul. u. Dorothea Bernhardt Potsdam, Weissenburger Strasse 15"

In 2015, a book from the library of Dorothea and Paul Bernhardt was returned.

Dr. Paul Elkan Bernhardt was born on May 21st, 1873 in Berlin. He was a neurologist and practiced in Berlin and Potsdam. In 1915 he married Dorothea "Dora" Emma Hirschfeld, born in Berlin on December 19th, 1884. Dorothea Bernhardt died on December 2nd, 1939 in Potsdam after a long illness. Paul Bernhardt died on July 25, 1942, also in Potsdam. Most likely, he took his life in the face of his imminent deportation. Paul and Dorothea Bernhardt were persecuted as Jewish.

The returned book was recorded in the Berlin City Library in 1951 in the accession journal "Dombrowski". This is an accession of about 1,000 volumes that were probably bought from the Magistrate of Berlin. Within this purchase, Nazi-loot mostly from private libraries is mixed with books of different provenance, not connected to Nazi-loot.