Bet ha-Midrash Vienna

Stamp: "Bet-Ha-Midrasch Wien"

Since 2012, two books and one bookplate from the library of the Jewish prayer house association "Bet Ha Midrash" in Vienna could be returned to the Jewish Community of Vienna, which is the legal successor of the association.

So far, it has not been possible to conclusively clarify which Viennese prayer house association Bet Ha Midrash the book had been looted from, since there were at least two institutions with the same name. One was the Bet Ha Midrash Ohel Abrahm Association, founded in 1885 and located at Grüne Torgasse 28 in Vienna, whose prayer house had been destroyed in the course of the November pogrom of 1938. Secondly, there was the Bethamidrash Association with its headquarters at Stuwerstr. 40, Vienna, whose prayer house had already fallen victim to an arson attack in March 1938. Both associations were dissolved by the Stillhaltekommissar Wien in 1940 and 1939 respectively and were not re-established after 1945. The Jewish Community of Vienna is the legal successor of both institutions.