Arthur Segall's signature with the address Oranienstr. 83/84, where he lived with his father Michael Adolph Segall before he got married.

In 2016 a book from the library of Arthur Segall could be returned.

Arthur Segall was born on 3 March 1875 in Berlin. He was an architect and married to Luise Segall née Jacobson, who was born on July 8, 1887 in Berlin. In 1919 the two had a daughter, Traute Segall. In the face of their imminent deportation in 1941/42, Arthur and Luise Segall took their own lives in Berlin. Traute Segall was able to escape to Rio de Janeiro and thus survived the Holocaust.

The access route of the book to the holdings of the ZLB is unknown, it was found in unprocessed stock.