Alice Joel

Signature of Alice Joel: "Ally Joel 30.9.37"

In 2013, a book from the library of Alice Joel could be returned.

Alice 'Ally' Joel, was born on September 30, 1883 as Alice Moll in Breslau. She lived in Berlin and married Ernst Joel, a councillor of the court, with whom she had two children, Gerhard and Marlene.

The Joels were persecuted as Jewish. Ernst Joel died in 1939 at the age of 65 years in Berlin. Gerhard and Marlene Joel had already escaped from Germany to Peru and thus survived the Holocaust.

Alice Joel was deported to the Kowno ghetto in Lithuania on November 17, 1941 and murdered there on November 25, 1941.

Alice Joel's book was acquired by the Berlin City Library in 1943 as part of a purchase of ~40,000 books that had been looted from the Jews of Berlin.

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