"Ex Libris Doctoris Alfred Peyser"

Since 2015, four loose ex-libris of Alfred Peyser could be returned.

Medical Councillor Dr. Alfred Siegmund Peyser was born on 23 December 1870 in Zehden/Oder in the district of Königsberg. Around 1902 he was married to Sophie Fraenkel, born 1883 in Breslau; the two of them had three children. Peyser lived in Berlin since 1894, was an ENT doctor, a freemason at the lodge "Hammonia zur Treue" and the last chairman of the Jewish Reform Community of Berlin.

After his children had escaped from Germany as early as 1934, Alfred Peyser finally emigrated to Sweden in 1939. He died in 1955 during a stay at a health resort in Baden-Baden.

The ex-libris found in the ex-libris collection of the Berlin City Library, designed by Fidus, are verifiably from the so-called Collection Treptow (Trp, Hans Pohl), recognizable by Pohl's handwritten notes. Which books the ex-libris were taken from and when could not be determined. Since the ex-libris have been removed prior to their accession in the library collection, it is also unclear whether there are any matching books in the ZLB stock at all.

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