Adelheid and Max Nathanson

Signature of Adelheid Nathanson

Since 2012, eight books and one loose ex-libris from the library of Adelheid and Max Nathanson could be returned.

Adelheid Nathanson, born on 27 June 1879 as Adelheid Asch, lived in Berlin and had two children with her husband Max. Max Nathanson (25 August 1865 - 31 December 1935) was a medical doctor and practiced in Berlin-Wedding. Adelheid Nathanson was deported to Riga on 27 November 1941 and murdered there on 30 November 1941.

The books of Adelheid and Max Nathanson were acquired by the Berlin City Library in 1943 as part of a purchase of ~40,000 books that had been looted from the Jews of Berlin.